Use this form to split or encode a secret into a number of shared keys using Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme. The Threshold value determines the minimum number of shares required to reconstruct the secret. It must be less than or equal to the number of shares. The Shares value determines how many shares will be generated.

The Token is an optional text token used to name shares in order to avoid confusion in case one utilizes secret sharing to protect several independent secrets. The generated shares are prefixed by these tokens. Don't use dashes if you want to be compatible with ssss-combine in Linux. Try something like "BTC_th3" so you know that a threshold of 3 was used when generating the keys (you will need to know this later when you combine the keys).

For advanced users: Non-ASCII input (input that is not plain-text) can be used by checking the Hex input box and entering hex data (pairs of characters from the [0-9a-z] set).

Note: the set of generated shared keys is always different, even if the secret is the same. You can not combine keys from different sets and expect to recover the secret.

Token (optional):
Hex input:
Generated keys:


Use this form to combine the shared keys and extract the secret. You must provide precisely number of keys that the secret owner specified as the Threshold value when the shared keys were created. If more (or less) keys are provided, the secret recovery will fail (possibly by yielding the wrong secret). You must also check the Hex output if the keys were generated with Hex input checked.

Enter the keys here, one per line:
Hex output:


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